Notice of Motion: Footpath Delivery

Labor Councillors presented the following Notice of Motion for consideration at the March 2018 Ordinary Council meeting. The motion was unanimously adopted by the Council:

Notice of Motion: Footpath Delivery

Councillors: Clausen, Byrne, Duncan, Dunn, Nelmes, White and Winney-Baartz


That Council:

  1. Notes that Council currently owns and maintains more than 970km of footpath across the Newcastle Local Government Area, with a value of $110 million.
  2. Notes that by adopting Option 3 Special Rates Variation in 2015, Council provided $15million more in funding to address unfunded pedestrian and local traffic improvements across the City
  3. Notes that Council’s current delivery of footpath renewal is prioritised through the Pedestrian Access Mobility Plan (PAMP) hierarchy after contact from residents
  4. Prepares a proactive Footpath Strategy to guide investment in the delivery of new footpaths across the city over the duration of the next Community Strategic Plan based on the principles of the PAMP hierarchy, and considers the opportunities available to further expedite the delivery of footpaths across the LGA


Consecutive Councils have ensured that Novocastrians have access to high quality footpaths, kerb and guttering. Today Newcastle City Council is responsible for more than 1489km of kerb and gutter, and 972km of footpath.

Unfortunately, however, there are areas across the City which do not have access to footpaths. This is noted by our communities as a significant concern, with the delivery of footpaths and cycleways consistently rated as a top priority by our residents.

Council has taken significant steps to address this community desire, including by adopting Option 3 of the 2015 SRV, which is increasing funding to pedestrian and local traffic improvements by more than $15million. Council invests $200 per metre in the delivery of new footpaths.

This increase does not however completely address known unfunded priorities, and there is an opportunity to further expand the delivery of footpaths.

This motion proposes that Council proactively map the LGA to identify a program of footpath works for consecutive years. This increases the equity of current footpath delivery, moving away from reactive delivery based on enquiries from residents. Neighbouring Councils, such as Lake Macquarie and Port Stephens, have produced detailed Footpath Strategies to guide their footpath investment (Attachment A).

Attachment A:

Lake Macquarie City Council, Footpath Strategy, 2013-2023:

Declan Clausen