Parking discounts driving-up app’s use

Record numbers of drivers are using the City’s EasyPark mobile phone app to take advantage of 25 per cent discounts on hourly rates.

Transactions using the pay-by-phone function shot up 80 per cent from December to January (15,000-27,000) and a further 30 per cent from February to March (27,000-35,000), proving Novocastrians are willing to embrace smart city technology.

Smart option: The EasyPark mobile phone app is being embraced by motorists who park in the city.

Smart option: The EasyPark mobile phone app is being embraced by motorists who park in the city.

From when the discount was introduced on 1 January to 1 March, 62,000 transactions were made via the mobile phone application – more than double the 30,000 for the two months from November to December.

While transactions had already been increasing at a steady average of 20 per cent a month between March 2018, when EasyPark was introduced, and December, these latest figures show that the discounted trial is having a positive impact on drivers.

Not only are Novocastrians embracing this easy, convenient and cost-effective technology that is keeping more money in their pockets, they are also preparing themselves for the launch of an Australian-first technology that will soon guide drivers to vacant parking spaces.

From July, users of the EasyPark app will be able to log in and view the availability of parking spaces across the City.

The app will have the ability to point out to drivers the most likely place to find a park, based on sophisticated parking algorithms.

The six-month trial at the discounted price will run until at least 31 June, at which point the City will undertake a review of the program in line with the 2019-20 budget.

Remember, only users of the app can take advantage of the discount, so be sure to download it via the Apple app store by typing EasyPark or at Google Play for Android users.

Just look for the logo of a white ‘e’ set in a pink square. Motorists can also call EasyPark on 1300 734 070 for assistance with the ap.

Matt Murray