Have your say on the future of live music in Newcastle


Providing more opportunities to break into the all-ages music industry, improving night-time transport and promoting live music online are part of the City of Newcastle's draft live music strategy currently on public exhibition.

Have your say about this plan to help grow and nurture Newcastle's live music scene over the next four years, and the associated economic benefits to the city.

The Live Music Strategy 2019-2023 sets out a number of key targets to achieve a safe, sustainable live music scene following consultation with key stakeholders, the community and music professionals. It includes a range of multi-agency actions to support the live music sector, incubate and develop emerging young talent and promote Newcastle as a live music destination.

Live music is an invaluable part of our city's cultural make up, and we’ve undertaken a significant body of research and community engagement to develop an action plan that will help grow this important industry in Newcastle.

We continue to foster new local talent, venues and audiences against a backdrop of social change and urban renewal and this document, together with other important strategies, such as the After Dark Strategy, seeks to strengthen our night time economy by making live music as viable for musicians and their audiences as possible.

We want to make live music accessible, affordable and available while understanding that that this plan must strike a balance between promoting a vibrant night time economy and responding to the needs of those calling the city home.

While we believe that live music is a great way to promote social cohesion, public space activation and community well-being, we also want to ensure that rights of existing residents are protected.

The Live Music Strategy 2019-23 is on public exhibition until Monday 25 February 2019. Find out more and have your say at our community consultation website, www.newcastle.nsw.gov.au/YourSay

Matt Murray